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5 hidden and little-known coves in Ibiza

Ibiza's little-known beaches

Hello everyone from Orosol Ibiza, in San Antonio, Would you like to know five of the most hidden and special coves and beaches of Ibiza? If so, you should not miss all the information that we bring you below. Punta Galera (Sant Antoni), Cala Gracioneta (Sant Antoni), Cala Olivera (Santa Eulàlia), Cala Codolar (Sant Josep), Cala Xarraca (Sant Joan, north of Ibiza)

  1. Punta Galera. It is an original cliff of flat rocks ideal for sunbathing and with a wonderful seabed. Its difficult access by which you have to jump from rock to rock and the lack of restaurants or services, makes it little crowded. Due to these characteristics, it remains one of the favorite places for locals and neighbors to practice nudism.  
  2. Cala Gracioneta.  A cove of little width, in an inlet of rocky walls on the sides, white sand and very transparent turquoise waters. It is located bordering the coast of Sant Antoni once past the Cala Gració. Both coves have beautiful views of the islet of Sa Conillera, emblem of the Sant Antoni sunsets and the famous terraces of Café del Mar, Café Mambo.
  3. Cala Olivera. A delight of cala, small and away from the crowds. It is located in the area of Roca Llisa, therefore exclusive (but free access for anyone), 8 kilometers from Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulària des Riu). For those who are looking for places with a wild and virgin essence. Surrounded by pine forests and crystal clear turquoise waters. A little crowded and that some nudist likes. Undoubtedly another of the really special corners that still remain on the island.
  4. Codolar Cove. Being a cove and having been born (being) between beaches such as Platges de Comte or Cala Bassa, one of the best beaches in Ibiza and the Mediterranean make this enclave a much quieter place than its neighbors that are much more famous and therefore visited. So we are facing an ideal proposal for those who like less crowded places and at the same time with wonderful waters. No hipster pretensions or a lot of atmosphere. To enjoy the place and the tranquility.
  5. Cala Xarraca. We will find this beautiful Ibizan enclave on the road towards Portinatx. Fine sandy beach and fantastic waters. Ideal to enjoy the practice of snorkeling to the fullest. Very close, we also find another jewel in the form of a cove, S'illot, which we can only access on foot. The surroundings of rock and forest invite you to get lost among the paths of the place. You will love it!

We say goodbye from San Antonio, a strong greeting. Be happy!

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